RM Workflow

RM Workflow is a user centric web interface built on top of the Micro Focus Content Manager (Content Manager) workflow engine. This allows all processes to remain in Content Manager, ensuring security and audit capture, while RM Workflow ensures ease of access and use by end users.

This interface is an add-on to RM Workspace, but it can also be used independently of RM Workspace. Here’s a list of the key features:

  1. Full access to Content Manager Graphical Workflow functionality
  2. Simple and easy usability via email or web client
  3. Pure thin client (no software on the desktop), so
    1. no rollout of software
    2. access from any device, anywhere, anytime
  4. Manage your workflows easily
    1. Calendar schedule of all your workflows
    2. Graphical view of workflow
    3. Storyboard on workflow status
  5. Administrator tools
    1. Executive Dashboard - designed to your requirements
    2. Content Manager workflow reports

Key to the solution is the user experience: users can create, modify and interact with Records, Locations, Workflow and Activities from within the web interface. However, it is likely that the most interaction will be via a customisable email notification that allows users to interact with workflow activities, including “one-click complete”, as shown below. Email content is responsive, so users are only shown actions that they can perform at the time the email is viewed. Email templates can be configured to include an image rendition of the initiating record.

When browsing to the RM Workflow interface itself, users are presented with a timeline view, giving an overview on workflows and activities which are of interest to them (e.g. they are the assignee or supervisor, what is categorized as “of interest” is configurable by an administrator.)

Users may interact with activities directly from this view, or they can drill down into the workflow/activity for more information.